Christmas 2002, Indianapolis, IN

Reunion season is upon us; let us know if you are planning on attending the Cole-Brown reunion in St. Louis in 2016 , or the Edwards-Moore reunion in Indianapolis in 2017.

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feature 1 The Cole Sisters William & Sophie had six daughters and one son. Their son died early in life,
this story is about the Cole family. In 1972 William Cole was the oldest Black resident in Kenton. This site is dedicated to the memory of the Cole sisters by their many descendants. Each year at Memorial Day our family visits Rossom Cemetary to honor the lives of our ancestors. The history of the Cole family and Kenton are intertwined.

feature 2 The Edwards Cousins This is a picture of me and my cousins over to my paternal grandparent's house located at 2313 Shriver Avenue. Left to right, standing: Sandra Lee Edwards, Anita, Charlie Smitherman, David Franklin, Yvonne "Beetle" Edwards, Roosevelt Franklin, Steven Golder, Sitting: Joyce L. Edwards Moore, Mark Franklin in Aunt Dorothy's lap (Dorothy Edwards Thorne), and Janice M. Edwards Gardner.

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Other notables on our site:

Other notable items on our site

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